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NAT Games: recruit NAT games to design a "Durango-based MMORPG"

NAT Games: recruit NAT games to design a “Durango-based MMORPG”

In 2019, Nexon sank Durango: Wild Lands, but the group is clearly not done with their universe populated by dinosaurs. Its subsidiary NAT Games is recruiting to design a license-inspired MMORPG.

We are especially familiar with the South Korean study. NAT games for signing the mobile action games PASTE Y About HIT, or more recently the MMORPG Project V4, while waiting for the Magnum Project, presented recently and that will be distributed in consoles and PC.

According to the studio’s job postings, another project is clearly in development at NAT games, called Project DX and this time billed as a “license-based MMORPG.” Durango – For the record, the Durango game immersed players in a contemporary universe, to embody the lost survivors on an island populated by dinosaurs that sometimes had to be faced, sometimes tamed.
The developer does not say more about the famous DX Project, except that it is in development within a dedicated unit, Studio DX, made up of veterans and suggests that the project is large. Also, having recruits who have experience in mobile game development, we imagine that this new DX project is intended at least for smartphones and tablets.

For memory, Nexon is the main shareholder of NAT games and incidentally also owns the Durango license before going under Durango: Wild Lands at the end of 2019. However, Nexon itself will have to hold a press conference on August 5 to present several of its upcoming projects in development. We imagine this DX Project could be drawn there.

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