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new download portal opens its doors

The download portal recently opened its doors for testing. The website loads fast, looks modern, and is ad-free! (WCX) recently started the so-called open beta phase. You can now use the ad-free site to its full extent. However, some controls still don’t work. And there is still a lot to do with the loads before you can satisfy the masses. There are download links for animes, movies, TV series and games in the sections.

At, the term digital media includes audiobooks, e-books, comics, and other magazine scans. There is currently no separate section planned for XXX, but this may possibly change and certainly depends on whether a suitable uploader can be found for it. looks good, but it’s still in its infancy

In the scene box operators note that some content may still appear somewhat incorrect. But the bugs will be fixed in the coming weeks. Everything runs under the motto “WCX – The future belongs to the pirates“. has already integrated the Warez basket. Many readers will probably already have it ddl warez Y others Portals seen and learned to appreciate. WCX also has the minimalist “Warezmode”. This is for all the visitors who basically don’t have a “Chicki Mikki” but they want to be taken directly to the launches.

conclusion looks very modern, clean and neat. As for the hoster scene, we have opted for Y rapidgator decided, especially since both are very well established in the gray area. one of mine TelegramA channel for announcing new content is also planned. However, a separate presence for any social network is not planned. Apparently, the WCX operators prefer to focus the existing forces on important things.

The future belongs to pirates

Perhaps the announcement was a bit early. Downloaders still won’t find that much content there. Apparently uploaders have focused on links to movies so far. Basically, the project looks very hopeful. You can tell right away that there are no beginners working on

By the way, the project has already existed several times. under this domain. In 2007, a forum of the same name was created, which apparently never went online. In 2010, a webwarez portal was put online under the domain, which later became a warez search engine. But the current operators probably had nothing in common with the previous projects.