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New smartphones in 2021 with the latest camera features |  The buzz of smartphones with new camera features

New smartphones in 2021 with the latest camera features | The buzz of smartphones with new camera features

Mumbai, witness: Smartphones released for communication are leading to many innovations in the future. They have become an integral part of users’ lives with the newest features. It is no exaggeration to say that digital camera sales have been booming in recent times, mainly due to the latest generation cameras. Recently Rs. Smartphones priced below Rs 15,000 also impress consumers with their advanced cameras and features. Let’s see the details …

Mega pixels
Previously, smartphones that came with two cameras were launched in the luxury segment. Phones with 3-4 cameras are now commonplace. The importance of the camera has increased enormously in recent years. With this, at least 3 cameras on the back of the phones can currently impress users. Tech experts say that in the past few days, things like nighttime modifications have become commonplace. Quadcom modules are also available at affordable prices along this route. Experts say that the number of lenses, the megapixel capacity and the camera technology have become increasingly important. (RealMe 5G smartphones now)

8K videos
Last year (2020), the appeal of 4K video recording increased. Tech experts say that this year (2021) smartphone companies will focus on 8K videos. Although the seeds were sown late last year, they are expected to be available in a year or two. Displays that can primarily support 8K video must be configured for this as well. He explained that displays that can be played on smartphones, laptops or televisions need to be configured. Versace expects 8K video capture smartphones to be available by 2022. (Real key phone in 2021 – KVOI)

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Gimball support
Over the years, the use of smartphone cameras to replace digital cameras has increased. With the availability of phones at all times and the ease of filming, consumers are increasingly focusing on camera functions. Until recently, optical image stabilization was a common feature of smartphone companies. However, with the advent of the selfie trend, the importance of cameras and their functions has increased. Experts say that video technology has gained prominence with the recent surge in demand for video content on social media platforms. With this, smartphone manufacturers have introduced new Gimball technology with a focus on stabilizing photos or videos. Vivo claims to have introduced this feature in the company’s X50 Pro.

Sensor preference
Tech analysts say that even though most smartphones are equipped with megapixel cameras, sensors are the priority. For example, it has been revealed that at least 8 megapixel cameras are required to record 4K video. Versace said it would require the use of massive sensors to enable the quality of the videos. 33 megapixel cameras are said to be required to record 8K video. For some time now, giants like Apple and Google have been sticking to 12MP cameras. In addition to these, another 12 MP camera was recently introduced. Experts note that many smartphone companies are also making camera functions attractive by using quality sensors in conjunction with these companies.

Camera on display
Many companies are installing cameras as an integral part of the screen to enable the selfie trend. Some other companies have also installed pop-up cameras on the front. As part of this, Notch has opened up to the trend for selfie cameras and punch-hole cameras. Oppo and Xiaomi released indisplay cameras last year. Experts say it remains to be seen if these will continue. The chipset will also need to support photos or videos captured by three different cameras.

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