AVM has released a new software update for several Fritz boxes. This is intended to increase the stability of WLAN connections. According to the German router manufacturer, the setup wizard has also been revised and a telephony bug has been removed.

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Fritzbox: the new router update is here

AVM has released its latest lab update for multiple models. owner of one Fritzbox 6690, 6591, 6660 Cable, 7530 (AX) and 7590 (AX) This gives you the opportunity to test new features in advance. Since this is not the final version of the software, expect minor bugs here and there. As usual, using the latest update is only recommended for experienced users.

In addition to many minor enhancements, the new lab software brings a increased stability of WLAN connections With. In addition, it took care of the setup wizard and solved some problems there (source: AV M).

There is also an improvement in the telephony area. The manufacturer was able to fix the bug where a phone number from the calling list could not be added to the phone book or block list. Also fixed bug where after a Radar detection of the Fritzbox the 160 MHz channel bandwidth was no longer available.

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Fritzbox: this is how lab updates are installed

The new FritzOS 7.39 lab version can be downloaded from the AVM website. Then switch to the Fritzbox user interface and select “System / Update” from the menu. It’s advisable, make a backup before installing the update. Once done, you can find the previously downloaded firmware file and then click “Start Update”. After the update, the Fritzbox restarts.