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No connection with this Wi-Fi name! IPhone will not be able to permanently connect to Wi-Fi-iPhone Mania

freeWifiHowever, it can be dangerous to connect casually. Security researchers discovered and reported a bug where the iPhone could not fully connect to the Wi-Fi network after connecting again.

I found a bug again

Karl Skow (@vm_call), who specializes in reverse engineering, recently saidWhen connecting to the wireless network name “% p% s% s% s% s% n” with an iPhone, there is an error that causes the Wi-Fi switch in the setup application to fail to turn on.I found it and reported it on Twitter.

Mr. Suk has a new wireless network name, “% secret club%I found that the same problem occurred in “But, but this time the problem is even more serious than last time.

Resetting the network settings did not solve the problem

If it is “% p% s% s% s% s% n”, reset all network settings and it will work again.WifiIt was possible to use. However”% secret club%If you connect it toResetting the network settings does not restore the Wi-Fi connection functionSeems.

Finally, Suk said that he was finally able to use Wi-Fi by manually removing the malicious entry from the plist file from the iPhone backup, following the advice of other reverse engineers.

This solution could be used because Mr. Skou was an engineer and the hurdle is too high for general users. The American media iMore also warns that it is not recommended to connect to this network experimentally.

Is it a bug fix in iOS15?

According to tweets from various developers, the error caused by connecting to this specific network is currently being distributed to developers and registered users in general.iOS15 betaYPublic betaSo it seems that it has been corrected.

Fountain:Carl Schou / Twitter via Me more

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