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Now it also runs in BIOS

Now it also runs in BIOS

of claus ludewig
If you install an open source BIOS, you can play Doom on it. We show how you can play the first person shooter game without Windows.

The first person shooter condemn from 1993 by the developer studio id Software remains one of the most popular computer games. The developer studio and publisher Bethesda now belong to Microsoft. The first part of the Doom series is not only playable on PC, however, fan Nicola Wrachien had some time ago the first-person shooter in a networkable lamp Made Ikea work with Tradfri LED bulbs. Now there is a new version based on the Motherboard Coreboot BIOS executable it is.

Play DOOM on MSI Z690

This is a BIOS alternative that is open source. Compared to UEFI BIOS from motherboard manufacturers like Asus or MSI, the kernel boot should work faster and be more flexible to adapt. Coreboot 4.17 was installed on an MSI Z690 that included the Dasharo framework in order to play the “coreDOOM” version of Doom there.

coreDOOM is an (even) more portable version of the first Doom from 1993. However, if you want to play Doom on the motherboard BIOS, there are some limitations to be aware of. Therefore, there is only keyboard support for the old PS/2 connection and not for USB. Also, the game state is not saved and the entire system freezes when coreDoom is exited. Players with DOOM also have to do without a sound on the motherboard, but it can be played without having to load Windows or another operating system.

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Doom Collection in BIOS:

  • If you install the core boot BIOS on your motherboard, you can play the coreDOOM version of Doom on it. At least this has been achieved on an MSI Z690.
  • However, Doom in the BIOS requires some compromises. There is no way to save the game and the whole system freezes when you exit the game. Also, keyboards are only supported over a PS/2 connection and not over USB.

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