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Merlani forced vaccination tables

Nursing team vaccine: cantonal barrel discharge

by Lorenzo Quadri, Municipality of Lugano


We welcome and publish this tough placement, which partly agrees with our opinion.


It has been debated for some time regardless of whether or not to demand that nursing team, who operate in call with fragile people today, be vaccinated against COVID.

In recent months or months, some nations have released vaccine requirements for health care employees. A shift in this course was also anticipated at Ticino degree. In reality, the transfer has arrived. But in the sort of a barrel discharge.

In actuality, the addresses of wellbeing establishments – hospitals and clinics, residences for the aged, treatment companies and dwelling care – have acquired a circular letter from the cantonal clinical office. In the wording, with a peremptory tone, it is plainly understood that, if not all caregivers have been vaccinated, the fault would not be the “non-vax” specific, but somewhat the management of the institute. The pounds of a private preference, produced by a solitary individual, is then discharged on to a further problem.

The letter also announces the generation, as of August 1, of a public registry in which the constructions will have to point out the fee of vaccinated personnel.

This way of continuing is really disappointing.

In simple fact, it is obvious that Canton would like it, with very good explanation! – that all caregivers ended up vaccinated. But he does not have the courage to decree the obligation to vaccinateI. Then throw the warm potato on the employer. A (way too) effortless escape and not extremely first rate both.

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In truth, the employer has no authorized usually means to call for that employees be vaccinated. Nonetheless, if the latter, irrespective of all persuasive initiatives, insist on rejecting immunization, at the expense of it – being uncovered to community ridicule and inscribed on a ban record – it is the institute not the individual caregiver “no vax”.

The cantonal document constitutes a obvious invitation to the administration to undertake additional or much less veiled retaliatory actions in opposition to “recalcitrant” collaborators to the vaccine.

The canton would have the power to decree the obligation for caregivers to be vaccinated from covid. But he prefers to unload the “dirty” work, that is, the coercive one, on the back of other individuals, but with out giving the equipment to do it. This is to steer clear of taking on the not comfortable section of the “undesirable” toward caregivers who don’t get vaccinated.

Clearly there is a resistance, maybe opportunistic, in decreeing the mandatory character of the vaccine, even though constrained to a certain category of specialists. And this even with the reality that there are by now vaccination obligations for college students (!) Of the social and well being professions.

Curious simply because, when decreeing infinitely extra incisive steps for the freedom of other people than two bites, this resistance does not manifest alone.

Much more would have been anticipated from a cantonal federal government.

But, as Don Abbondio said: “You can not give worth if you never have it.”


We are opposed to lots of points but earlier mentioned all to an authority that expresses by itself with small sincerity. An authority that virtuously assures “I really don’t want to remember to anyone for the reason that flexibility is sacred …” and then does the reverse.

Allow us take into account the case in problem. Let’s consider an institute with a small score ridiculed on the cantonal portal. What do you feel is going to take place? How much freedom will the operators of that establishment be?

They will freely the only matter left for them to do.

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