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Only the frame of the open gaming PC costs 1600 USD

Only the frame of the open gaming PC costs 1600 USD

of Oliver Jaeger
The innovative E1 gaming PC from manufacturer EVGA, whose case is made of a carbon fiber frame and houses exposed components, can now be pre-ordered in different kits and costs a total of 5,000 USD. The cheapest kit, which comes with just the frame, is $1,600.

Meanwhile, US PC component maker EVGA shines with premium prices for its new E1 gaming PC, which the company already unveiled in January. This all-in-one gaming PC turned heads due to its unusual design. Because the components of the E1 are free in space, since the case consists only of a carbon fiber frame on which the motherboard is hung by means of steel cables at each corner.

EVGA E1 in three variants for at least $1,600

The premium prices mentioned can probably be explained by the fact that the frame was made from premium materials, as EVGA explains. The chassis is made of 100 percent single-weave 3K carbon fiber and weighs just 1.25 kilograms. The question that remains to be clarified is what premium prices EVGA is asking for its E1. The first thing to note here is that there are three ordering options for the complete PC, and depending on which option you choose, the more incomplete the components will be.

The cheapest option to order is the EVGA E1 Kit 2. Customers can only be satisfied with the carbon fiber frame and a VGA riser kit, but they have to pay almost US$1600 for it. If you want at least one graphics card and power supply from EVGA, you’ll probably go for kit number 1. It includes a Geforce RTX 3090 Ti Kingpin Hybrid and a Supernova 1600 W T2. That costs more than twice as much, which is around US$3,700.

EVGA E1 All-In-One PC ordering options.

Source: EVGA

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Finally, there is the complete work, the “EVGA E1 Bare Bones”. This set provides additional components, including a Powerlink 52u power adapter, a Z690 Dark Kingpin motherboard, and a “premium shipping case” to store the E1 PC. Interested parties can finally shell out US$5,000 for this. Apparently, this version also lacks processor, RAM, memory and operating system, at least they are not mentioned. Consequently, these things must be provided by the user himself. EVGA also asks potential customers to note that all variants are a “build-to-order” offering and therefore have a three to four week lead time.

Font: EVGA