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Review of the UNSEEN COLOR marathon

Overview of the UNSEEN Coloration marathon

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The two one releases ‘Contranym’ and ‘Non-Euclidian Heart’ glow with progressive rock instrumentation, signature beats, catchy dance tunes and sheer catchy tune prospective. ‘Imitation Flesh’ is the most radio-ready song on the album, though title observe ‘Unseen Color’ results in these kinds of a weird and surreally lovely environment with bombast and melancholy that it would make the hairs on the back again of your neck stand up. Thematically, the album deals with the human receptivity to new impressions and developments, as well as the acceptance of the unidentified in daily life. In accordance with this, UNSEEN Color convinces with surprising improvements of rhythm, melody and the accompanying temper swings, a good deal of coronary heart and an immense prosperity of aspects. Leper fans and the open minded ought to give it a attempt!

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