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Panasonic's new HUD technology turns windshields into video games

Panasonic’s new HUD technology turns windshields into video games

This looks great.


This story is part of these, Editors bring you the latest news and hottest gadgets for the fully virtualized CES2021.

I love good things Head-up displayHowever, today’s HUDs have drawbacks. With the latest technology, I think companies already have something to add more information to their windshields. There are many things, but Panasonic seems to be very realistic and almost ready for prime time.

The company has the latest HUD system with artificial intelligence Augmented reality Virtual technology CES 2021 Event. This is intended to exceed the standard HUD. This often just displays speed and some other information. Panasonic’s idea is basically to turn the windshield into a video game user interface. I like that.

Sample photos show technologies that work with navigation guidance routes, cyclist detection, speed, underpass measurements, and road speed limits. Yes, some of these basics are available on today’s HUDs, but the way they are all integrated is satisfactory. The less time you spend looking at other screens in the car, the better. The HUD keeps an eye on the front and the road.

Panasonic said it has created a comprehensive system using the latest technologies from advances in optics, volume optimization and imaging technologies. AI systems also work, for example, to detect cyclists and pedestrians and clearly mark them for drivers. Everything is constantly updated in 300ms with each update, and eye tracking provides information at driver’s eye level without fuss. The company also said the compact system fits into any vehicle package in case an automaker wants to incorporate the system into a vehicle. I hope they do.

Like all of the company’s latest technology exhibited at CES this year, it’s not for sale individually.Instead, you can find this HUD and its nifty ones Wireless phone charger with movable coil, In the car coming soon.

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