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Parking Space: Demolished Hyperloop Test Track Near Los Angeles

Parking Space: Demolished Hyperloop Test Track Near Los Angeles

The American company SpaceX has dismantled the test track of the futuristic Hyperloop high-speed transport system and will provide parking spaces for employees there. This is reported by the American financial magazine Bloomberg and explains that there is no longer any trace of the plant near the company’s facilities in Hawthorne, in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. SpaceX had held several Hyperloop capsule contests in the , all of which were won by students from the Technical University of Munich. The team is currently building a test track. Although it has the original diameter, it is much shorter than the one and a half kilometer route in California.

American billionaire Elon Musk came up with the Hyperloop concept, but did not want to devote himself to its realization and made his work available to the public. Several companies are currently working on it, but now they are planning a system for the transport of goods and no longer for the transport of people at high speed. However, Musk and his company SpaceX held the contests to promote the development of the capsules (pods). In the last “Pod Competition” of July 2019, the capsule of the winning team reached a speed of 463 km/h.

The demolition of the test track in favor of parking spaces makes it clear again that Elon Musk’s focus is increasingly moving away from the Hyperloop. Although his tunneling venture, The Boring Company (TBC), is said to be tackling a Hyperloop project “within the next few years,” it has so far focused primarily on electric-vehicle tunnels in Las Vegas. The company wants to create the so-called “Vegas Loop” there, in which passengers will be transported in Tesla vehicles under the city. However, they do not drive autonomously, but rely on someone behind the wheel, and only travel at 55 km/h. It doesn’t have much to do with the Hyperloop.


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