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Pérez Cuéllar meets with Uber and Didi drivers

Pérez Cuéllar meets with Uber and Didi drivers

Juarez City- The elected municipal president of Juárez, Cruz Pérez Cuéllar met today with leaders of drivers of digital applications (Uber and Didi), in order to maintain the proximity of this productive sector with the next municipal administration.

Pérez Cuéllar highlighted the importance of these meetings, since when they come from organized sectors they make very concrete proposals, as was the case of this meeting in which they requested closeness with the public and road security forces given the events of which they have been targeted. in recent months.

He also congratulated them for their work in terms of unity as a union, but also stressed that they seek to train all drivers, identify them and help them in the various circumstances they face, which range from assaults, robberies of the cars and the unfortunate deaths that have occurred.

The president-elect offered them to keep communication channels open and to be aware of their requests once the legal times arrive.

Conductores por Juárez, is a community that encompasses hundreds of drivers of these platforms who seek to maintain the trust and safety of the users of the applications used for transportation, as well as for the same drivers who are also targets of criminals, mainly in as far as assaults are concerned.

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