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PHOTO: shop without cashier - Neste Latvija "opens the first self-service store in Riga

PHOTO: shop without cashier – Neste Latvija “opens the first self-service store in Riga

It reported that the company has currently established five “Neste Easy Deli” self-service stores, which are located at the gas stations at Lielirbes 30 and Brīvības gatve 253 streets, Riga, as well as at the company’s gas stations in Ogre, Salaspils and Tīnūži. .

At the same time, Beiziķis added that in the future, the company could open self-service stores not only at service stations.

The head of Neste Latvija explained that the company had been working on opening stores for about two years. “It was not a one-day process. The first stores of this concept were tested in Finland. (..) At the same time, one of the Baltic countries was sought to develop this concept, and Latvia was chosen,” said Beiziķis. .

The concept of “Neste Easy Deli” is similar to the principle of self-service in supermarkets that has existed in Latvia for several years: the customer chooses the products and pays for them at the checkout, but there will be no staff in “Neste Easy Self-service stores of deli.

Beiziķis pointed out that the establishment of this type of store is a great loan of trust to the Latvian society directly from the security point of view, but to enter the store, you will have to use the “Neste” application, which is personalized, and the stores will have video surveillance.

“We will definitely see how it is possible to improve technology, listen to customers. We will also look for solutions to enter the store, not only using the application” Neste “, because in the absence of staff on the site, it is important for us to have the largest level of security and although the client can enter and exit safely ”, said the head of Neste Latvija.

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It has already been reported that Neste Latvija’s turnover last year was 300.68 million euros, 11.7% less than a year earlier, while the company’s profit decreased by 48% to 5,282 million euros. .

The company “Neste Latvija” was registered in 1993 and its share capital is 15.03 million euros. Neste Latvija is owned by Dutch Neste Affiliate.

According to the State Tax Service, in 2020 Neste Latvija was the largest fuel retailer in Latvia.

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