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Problems with Windows 10: the update disables the printers

Problems with Windows 10: the update disables the printers

After the July update, the printer no longer works properly for many Windows 10 users. An update is in the works, but sometimes a trick helps.

Windows update KB5015807 for Windows 10 apparently causes problems with installed printers. This is reported by several users on the Reddit discussion platform. According to this, installing the update means that print jobs are sometimes canceled and some applications can no longer communicate with the printer.

One of the problems that occurs is that suddenly a copy of the installed printer appears in the printer management. This is called “Copy1” and is sometimes set as the default printer for programs, which can mean that print jobs no longer run.

Microsoft recommends reinstalling the printer

Microsoft recommends checking the settings under “Bluetooth and Devices” to see which printers listed there work and which don’t: right-click to print a test page. Unneeded printers or their copies can be deleted here.

If there are still problems, Microsoft suggests installing a current device driver from the manufacturer’s website. They are usually available on the printer manufacturer’s website. If the device is older, you may need to search for the model in the support area first.

If even that doesn’t bring any improvement, Microsoft believes that uninstalling and reinstalling the printer might help resolve the issue.

The issue is currently being further investigated. As soon as there are news, Microsoft wants to share them. They also want to provide an update.