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Project V4 - The Reaper is coming to the MMORPG Project V4

Project V4 – The Reaper is coming to the MMORPG Project V4

Released in July of last year, the western version of Project V4 welcomes a new playable class, Reaper, specializing in scythe handling and rapid sequence of offensive abilities.

In July of last year, NAT games and Nexon threw it away Project V4 in the West, distributed on mobile and PC platforms. The MMOPRG has obviously found its audience, at least initially, and in order to retain its population of players, the developer is increasing content updates.

In this context, Reaper entered among the playable classes of Project V4. Quite classically, Reaper uses a scythe and has the ability to multiply the power of his physical attacks. Especially he can count on eleven abilities that can be used in the chain for short periods: the succession of these combos allows him to launch devastating assaults.

On the occasion of the deployment of a new class, the animations are organized in the game universe, with its set of rewards: players will be able to enjoy connection rewards throughout the month of September, and additional rewards for progressing their character (for animate players to create a new Reaper character and rack up levels).