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Rainbow Six: The promised big changes are postponed


Ubisoft is postponing several planned features in the seventh year of Rainbow Six Siege. The roadmap will be updated again. Source: Ubisoft

In February 2022, Ubisoft first unveiled the roadmap for the seventh year of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. It promised that the popular and particularly tactical multiplayer shooter would continue to develop from season to season. There was talk of new features and content that should still appear. Only later.

We’ve only known this for a short time, as the Year 7 roadmap, which was already updated as part of Operation Vector Glare, was retuned a few days ago. Several major updates that should be implemented with Y7S3 will be postponed to the fourth and final season of the year.

Ubisoft will stay true to the concept of four seasons a year in 2022, but will have to adjust its own schedule significantly; some fans who are eagerly awaiting some postponed features will not like it at all.

Not a new card, not a rank 2.0, but a replacement

The second season has begun and with Sens the newest operator has arrived in the ranks of the attackers. The shooting range is also here and other promised features have been introduced. Everything’s fine? Rather not. Because while the roadmap has worked well so far, Season 3 is going to look pretty poor.

Another new map should have been released in Y7S3, but now nothing happens. As a replacement, Ubisoft is now announcing another map-related change, which should be live in Season 3. Accordingly, the competitive card pool will be expanded by one card, but a name hasn’t been mentioned yet. The only indication is that the community has played this map before, as part of an event, but never in competition.

more delays

The third season of the seventh year of Rainbow Six Siege should implement the “ranked 2.0” mode, restrictions on voice chat, as well as a beta version of the reputation rating meter. But these three innovations don’t make it to the game in time based on the updated roadmap.

All three features will be carried over to Y7S4, Ubisoft announces. They have found that the development needs more time and they want to ensure that quality standards are maintained. We’re talking about the best possible rework in terms of “Ranking 2.0” and meeting the needs of live game development both in voice chat limitations and in beta for reputation rating.

“In line with upcoming player behavior features, we are pleased to announce that the ability to submit match replay cheat reports and text chat restrictions will be coming to Y7S3 as planned,” Ubisoft added in the announcement. After all.

Major balance changes were also announced for Season 3. According to Ubisoft, the main focus should be on the unbalanced balance of LMGs and Finka’s role in the metagame. This upcoming extensive balance patch with Season 3 is the main reason why he hasn’t released a balance update in the middle of the season. Part of the update will be that some operators will have the ability to add contact EMP grenades to their team.

The updated roadmap at a glance

updated rainbow six year 7 roadmap
This is the updated roadmap for the seventh year of Rainbow Six Siege. Source: Ubisoft

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