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Random: Family Video Closes Door After 42 Years

Random: Family Video Closes Door After 42 Years

Wii misses U (image: Nintendo Life / Zion Grasle)

Video rental stores like Blockbuster may have thrown towels a few years ago, but in North America, a Midwestern chain named Family Video was still in operation until the end of 2020.

Unfortunately, a pandemic and lack of movie releases have forced the family-owned company, founded in 1978, to close the remaining 250 or more stores. The company plans to liquidate and sell movies, video games, and more. The farewell message is:

Obviously, it’s a sad day for gamers of a certain age. Before the advent of digital games, this was one of the few ways to play and discover other games (and even new ones) without buying or borrowing a copy of a friend.

Have you ever rented a game at this video rental store? If you are old enough sRabbit your memories with the comments below.