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Release of "Ultimate List" of Popular Gaming Terms

Release of “Ultimate List” of Popular Gaming Terms

In games, there are now some not-so-common terms and phrases. As a result, the official PlayStation website now has a dedicated list explaining many of the specific terminologies.

Meanwhile, games have developed their own language with words, terminologies, or even their own jargon. Some terms are different from game to game. However, other terms are used universally and appear in different games.

PlayStation now wants to help gamers with the most important technical terms in gaming. That is why there is now one on the official website. “Final list” with the most important gaming terminologies.

PlayStation helps with gaming terminology

From A to Z is a list of the most important game terms with their explanations. In between, the explanations relax with important words in special games. For example, “AoE – Area of ​​​​Effect”, in German about effective area, with an anecdote “Elden Ring” explained. In “Endgame” it is used as an example “Destiny 2” used that keeps players entertained long after the campaign and other story missions are over.

There are more explanations for frequently used terms like “aggro”, “DPS” or “lobby”. Words that are not very common are also mentioned, such as “dialogue tree”, “juggling” or “min-maxing”. There are also some technical terms, like “frame rate”, “FPS” or “haptic feedback”, which of course is based on the DualSense controller of the Playstation 5 it is explained

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The list published by PlayStation is well received by many gamers. Some Reddit users write that they were actually expecting a compilation of terms for foreign embarrassment. On the contrary, the list on the website is very useful and suitable for both experienced players and beginners. “The official PlayStation definition of terms like ‘noob/noob-tube’ and ‘git gud’ was unexpectedly funny,” writes a Reddit user.

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