Google introduced new hardware at I/O 2022, but it also needs software for seamless interaction. And that is exactly what the company presented in detail with Android 13 and unveiled new features. If you like it, you can already try Android 13 in beta 2.


Android 13 brings new features

Google not only has that Pixel 6a, Pixel Buds Pro, a new smartwatch and tablet announced, but Android 13 is also shown in detail. There are some changes for which we must prepare.

  • Privacy & Security: Google prioritizes privacy and security in Android 13. Throughout most of the event, Google repeatedly emphasized how to protect its own users from attacks. This also plays a crucial role in Android 13. Going forward, you can now specify much more precisely what apps can and can’t access. Applications will no longer have general access to all files and media, but you can specify much more precisely what is actually published. You can also configure notifications in even more detail and you will be informed when an app accesses the clipboard. The clipboard is also automatically deleted after a certain time.
  • Personalization: With “Material You”, Google has already created many options to customize the look of Android 12. With Android 13, this will be greatly expanded. If you decide on a layout, it will now be reflected throughout the operating system. The color scheme you choose will also affect all the icons in your app. Google has also overhauled media control. The personalization of the smartphone does not only take place visually, but also in the applications. For example, in the language settings, where you can individually specify which language is always used there. For example, if you want to type in another language through a messenger, the keyboard will automatically change so you can start typing right away.
  • tablets: Google has with Android 12L it has already announced a special operating system for tablets and continues with Android 13. The new operating system offers better multitasking, so you can use two applications at the same time. But it doesn’t stop there, because Google has impressively demonstrated how you can edit photos, for example, and then drag them right into the Mail app. It makes working with an Android 13 tablet much easier. Google is also improving the use of pens with tablets. To set an example for developers, Google is adapting 20 of its apps for tablets. Also, the interaction between the different devices should work better and the ecosystem should grow together.
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Android 13 will greatly improve the ecosystem of Pixel devices:

Android 13 Beta 2: Try it now

You can get Android 13 Beta 2 on your Pixel smartphone now Try Pixel 4 and later. All you have to do is join the Android beta program and you’ll be offered the over-the-air update. Two more beta versions will follow in June and July. The beta version is also available for smartphones from Asus, Lenovo, Nokia, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Vivo, Xiaomi and Co. More about this on the special Google page (look at google).

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