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Reliance Jio: 24GB Data, 336 Days Valid, Find Out the Best Plans – Marathi News | dependency jio news know more affordable plans with data and unlimited calls starting from rupees 129

HighlightPrices start from Rs 129 Many benefits like free calls, SMS

Trust Jio This telecommunications company offers many long-term plans for its clients. Currently, the company has several plans that offer free calls and data, as well as other benefits. Very often, users want plans that offer more benefits and offers at lower prices. That’s why we give you From the trust Jio We will give information about some of the plans. It also offers data and validity throughout the year.

Rs 129 plan

The Reliance Jio plan offers a total of 2GB of customer data. In addition, the validity of this plan will be 28 days. With this plan, customers also get the benefit of unlimited calling. Additionally, customers are offered 300 SMS per day and a free subscription to Geo applications.

Rs 329 plan

The Rs 329 plan comes with a validity of 84 days. The plan also offers a total of 1 Hadar SMS and unlimited calls. A total of 6GB of data is offered on this plan. Customers also get a free subscription to Geo apps.

Plan 1299

Geo’s Rs 1,299 plan offers customers 336 days of validity. Additionally, a total of 24 GB of data is provided with this plan. In addition, customers are offered unlimited calls, 3600 SMS and subscriptions to Geo applications.

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Web title: trust jio news know more affordable plans with data and unlimited calls starting from rupees 129

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