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Resident Evil Village faster on PC ... Once it breaks!

Resident Evil Village faster on PC … Once it breaks!

Some protections for video games are regularly accused of preventing PC gamers from enjoying their latest purchase. Chaotic launch, berns performance, multiple crashes, etc. Y Resident Evil Village is no exception to the rule, and many gamers complain of random drops in performance during games.

A major problem since even the most powerful settings are affected, but one that has obviously found an inglorious solution: once solved, the game is much more stable, and our colleague EuroGamer it shows it with a very explicit video, accessible at the source.


Interesting point, and although the game has been available, with its problems, for three months, Capcom They only communicated about the actual work on a patch after the article was published. Say or think that some do not care that the players are on top with the many protections, there is only one step left to do …

In short, a little more patience for all fans of the game, an update will be coming soon available to resolve concerns. And play between 90 fps and 160 fps with a RTX 3080 like our colleague. Is it little? Yes, but not because Ray-Tracing is activated. Oh yeah, anyway, and all this with a crack …