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Rollback iOS update, is that possible?

Rollback iOS update, is that possible?

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iOS updates usually bring useful new features and bug fixes. But sometimes it may be necessary to go back to a previous version of iOS, for example, if you have a beta version of iOS installed. But is that really possible?

Can iOS updates be undone?

The short answer is yes, updates can usually be rolled back, but unfortunately only in very specific circumstances. In order to install an older version of iOS, it must still be signed by Apple for your generation of iPhone or iPad. However, Apple usually removes this signature from older versions of iOS immediately after a new full version of the operating system has been released. You can still find and download the versions on the Internet, but unfortunately you can no longer install them with iTunes. An earlier version, and certainly a completely different generation of iOS, for example from iOS 15 to iOS 14, is not really possible without a jailbreak.

This actually leaves only one use case where you can safely roll back an update on your iPhone or iPad: If you’ve installed a beta version of the operating system, you can roll back to the latest full version. But even if you’re having problems immediately after an iOS update, it may be worth checking to see if a previous signed version of the operating system is still available.

You can find out which versions of iOS are still signed for your iPhone or iPad on the website, for example check. In the instructions below, we explain how you can downgrade your iPhone to the previous version.

Visit to see which versions of iOS are still compatible with your device. If you wish, you can also download the corresponding version immediately.

Install a previous iOS update: how it works

a newNote: Please note that during this process your iPhone or iPad will be rebooted and thus completely erased. Unless you have previously created a backup (see step 4), you will not be able to restore your data afterwards. So we highly recommend backing up your iPhone before resetting!

Follow the step by step instructions or look at the Quick Start Guide in.

Quick Start Guide

  1. download from a signed iOS version for your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Deactivate She “find my iphone“. Read here how to turn off Find My iPhone.
  3. make sure that itunes latest version installed on your computer. Under windows use “Apple software update” and in Mac the system settings.
  4. Create one back your iPhone Here’s how to create an iPhone backup.
  5. click on that iphone iconto open the iPhone overview page. Under windows then hold on [Shift] and in Mac [Alt] either. [Option] pressed and click “Restore iphone…“.
  6. Choose the downloaded iOS file and click “Open“. Then follow the instructionsthen your iPhone will reboot.
  7. If you want, turn off the iPhone back again. Here’s how to restore an iPhone backup. Also, you shouldfind my iphone“reactivate. You can find out how to activate “Find My iPhone” here.

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