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Zwei Smartphone-Kameras von Samsung

Samsung: Camera Improvements for Existing Customers

When photographing with a Samsung-Smartphone you have two applications to choose from. The normal camera app and the “Expert RAW” app. The latter is available for many models for free on the Galaxy Store. The app is aimed at photography enthusiasts who want to get more out of their smartphone camera. As the name suggests, photos in RAW format are possible, which can then be further edited with Lightroom and Co. But the app also offers other recording modes.

Camera app update

Samsung is now giving the Expert RAW app another feature upgrade with two new modes. With the “Astrophotography Mode” you can take better pictures of the night sky. If you point your smartphone at the sky in the dark, the mode activates itself. “Multiple exposures” are also new. You can overlay multiple photos on top of each other for a better result. This is especially useful when a sun and shadow subject is too dark on one side or too overexposed on the other. But the new function can also be used with different motifs as an artistic effect.

Samsung introduces Camera Assistant

With Camera Assistant, Samsung is introducing a new app that docks with the standard camera app. With the app you can activate or deactivate the smart functions of the camera application and thus adapt the camera to your needs and preferences. For example, you can use it to trigger automatic switching between camera focal lengths or automatic switching HDR deactivate. Auto blur and many other functions can also be set here.

The Samsung Camera Assistant app

The app is only around 10 megabytes in size and is now free on Samsung. Galaxy store available. However, the requirement is that on your smartphone OneUI 5 Y android 13 it’s installed. Until now, this has only been the case with the S22 series. In the coming weeks, however, many more Samsung smartphones will benefit from the update and will also be able to use the new app.

Official Samsung Android 13 Update Schedule