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Sony Xperia Pro-G: Is the PlayStation hero planning a new gaming phone?

Sony Xperia Pro-G: Is the PlayStation hero planning a new gaming phone?

We are slowly moving towards the last quarter of 2022 and Sony still owes us a successor to the camera flagship Sony Xperia Pro I. Rumors would like to see such a smartphone in a possible Sony Xperia Pro-G. However, in this case, the “G” stands for a gaming smartphone. Not a bad idea where Sony is #1 when it comes to next-gen gaming consoles with the PlayStation 5.

  • Sony is planning another flagship smartphone for this year.
  • It is probably a successor to the Xperia Pro I.
  • A gaming controller is available with the Sony Xperia Pro-G.

Sony Xperia Pro-G gaming smartphone will be possible later this year

At this point, we would like to explicitly point out that this is information from a relatively unknown insider on Sina Weibo. But different magazines already trust the rumors. Still, a certain breeze of skepticism is not out of place. As the online magazine “Sumahodigest” and “Notebookcheck” report, Sony seems to be planning a successor to the Sony Xperia Pro I that we tested with the Xperia Pro-G. It is not yet clear whether the Android smartphone will refocus on camera or gaming qualities.

Will the Xperia Pro-G succeed the Sony Xperia Pro I? / © NextPit

The tipster who seems to specialize in smartphone cameras”cat_nyaonce again announces only three integrated 12-megapixel sensors (IMX870 and IMX758) for said Sony Xperia Pro-G. The smartphone is said to cover 16, 24, 35 and 70 millimeter equivalent focal lengths. Especially photography with a Photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson, who believes that the 35mm lens is closest to the actual field of view of the human eye, has particularly popularized the 35mm focal length.

The leaker also announces that the Sony Xperia Pro-G should become a gaming smartphone thanks to the built-in Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. That would be at least one area where Sony could deliver adequately due to its experience with the PlayStation 5 issue. On the other hand, there are the latest claims from the fairly reliable tipster “Digital Chat Station”, who wants to see the image sensor installed. 1 inch Sony IMX989. But our source directly indicates that the statement could also be related to a Japanese translation issue. Because at Sony Semiconductor, the numbers 5, 7 and 9 are not separated. So a “7” in the research and development department may later be a “9” in mass production.

I mentioned it at the beginning. There is a lot of room for speculation. Which would be your favorite for the next Sony flagship? Rather with a focus on photography or at least a gaming smartphone as it used to be Sony Ericsson Xperia Play?