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Spotify for Work: free premium account as an incentive for employees

Image: Spotify

With the “Spotify for Work” program, Spotify wants to provide companies with an additional incentive system for employees and link other users to its own service. Companies can enter into a framework agreement with the Swedish music streaming service through Spotify for Work.

For work and private

In turn, the company can offer its own employees their own premium account. On the one hand, Spotify for Work is intended to be a small additional incentive system; on the other hand, it should help employees at work by allowing them to better focus on themselves while working with calm music in the background. The individually provided premium account can and can also be used privately by employees. There are no restrictions compared to a conventional premium account with Spotify. It remains to be seen whether employees can be attached to the company by offering a premium account for Spotify or whether they initially decide in favor of it.

Service begins with Accenture

Spotify is initially launching the service with consultancy Accenture, which wants to provide Spotify accounts to its employees in Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania. In principle, however, the program is open to all companies of all sizes, according to Spotify. Interested businesses may contact Spotify by email at to learn more about the terms and express their interest in participating.

Increase premium user quota

If the program can attract numerous large companies, Spotify could, above all, further increase the number of premium accounts and publish them with prestige in the quarterly figures. In the first quarter of this year, Spotify was able to increase this by 15 percent compared to the same period last year and didn’t have to announce a decrease in users like Netflix, but with 180 million premium users, they represent less than the half. of Spotify’s total of 422 million users.

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