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طلاب بجامعة كفر الشيخ يصنعون سيارة كهربائية تعمل بالطاقة الشمسية.. لايف

Students at Kafrelsheikh University make an electric car that runs on solar energy.

The Seventh Day Lens oversaw the design of several students from the Kafrelsheikh University Faculty of Engineering for a car that ran on solar power and electricity, and several students were able to design the car at a cost of 15,000 pounds. anywhere 220 volts, it has 3 speeds 20 km, 40 km and 60 km per hour, and has four seats, and it is easy to maintain because its components are simple and not complicated.

The car was designed by the students: Ahmed Samir Abdel Aziz Mohamed, Islam Abdel Sattar Hassan Kamel, Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Samir Mohamed Hassan, Ali Faraj Ali Shaalan, Mohamed Adel Mohamed Ahmed, Youssef Mohamed Abdelah Youssef, Moaz Abdel Majid Abdel Dayem, Hussein Ahmed Hussein Al Fayoumi, Mohamed Ali Obaid Abdel Moaty, Sultan Abdel Raouf El Sayed Abdel Qader, under the supervision of Dr. Magda Kotb Morsi El Fakhrani, and Dr. Abdel Fattah Tayel, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, under the auspices of Dr. Abdel Razek Desouki, President of Kafrelsheikh University.

Dr. Abdel Fattah Tayel, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, said that at a time when the move away from the use of cars using traditional fuel has become inevitable and necessary due to the millions of tons of pollutants that are dumped daily into the environment, since they consume millions of liters of the remaining and limited fuel, so there is a radical change in cars that depend on renewable energy sources that are not harmful to the environment. Hence the trend towards electric cars in which the internal combustion engine is replaced by an electric motor that supplies electrical energy through electric current storage batteries that are charged with it.

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Dr. Magda Qutb Morsi Al-Fakhrani added that electric cars run on electric energy from the utility network, whose main source of savings may be the combustion of traditional fuels in thermal plants, so the use of electric cars will not eliminate pollution completely and traditional. fuel consumption, so attention was paid to the existence of an alternative source for obtaining electricity. On the electrical energy needed to charge the electric car battery with electric current, the world turned to another source of energy that has the ability to change the parameters of the future, and that is solar energy. When solar energy is used as the main source of energy by converting solar energy into electrical energy using solar cells, solar cells are used as an energy source to charge lithium batteries, which in turn are the source of energy storage and discharge electric when needed. Batteries are connected to an electric motor to convert stored electrical energy into mechanical energy, which is why the idea is considered an economical and environmentally friendly idea.

In this project, innovative spatial proposals will be developed and presented to produce an electric car that works in all available conditions by charging lithium batteries from the electricity grid or the solar cells supplied with them, as well as technical and economic effects, as well as the interactions of the car with the road, the atmosphere and the sun to determine the characteristics of the car in terms of its shape, weight, speeds and loads under various conditions, and the designs were completed with the theoretical study of the project in its units, implementation and practical application of all project units and the use of the experimental approach to achieve the best operational information through control to achieve the highest possible capacity, access to an adequate work system without problems, and the performance of the car was chosen.

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