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Sunday Question: Which manufacturer offers good tools and which ones do not?

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Manufacturers tools, for example to configure the motherboard, peripherals, RGB, SSD and graphics cards, are aplenty, but which of the manufacturers offer good tools and which ones rather bad? Which manufacturer tools do you personally use and which tools do you avoid?

AMD Ryzen Master, Asus AI Suite, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Dragon Center and Sapphire TriXX, to name just a small selection, each of the manufacturers now offer one or more internal tools, some of which also involve several dedicated hardware components. . . One or another user prefers a “Clean Install” and a “Vanilla Windows”, others use several tools at the same time. How do you see this and how do you think about it in your IT systems: manufacturer tools or embedded tools?

In order to classify the topic even better, here is a selection of the most popular manufacturers’ tools from the ComputerBase download area.

  • amd
    • AMDMi Store
    • AMD Ryzen Master
    • AMD Overdrive
  • ASUS
    • Asus Aura
    • Asus AI Pack
    • Asus GPU tuning
    • Asus Armory Box
  • M: YES
    • MSI Afterburner
    • MSI Dragon Center
    • MSI Mystic Light
  • gigabytes
    • Gigabyte RGB Fusion
    • Gigabyte Aorus Engine
  • intelligence
    • Intel Extreme Tuning Utility
    • Intel Performance Maximizer
    • Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool
  • privateer
    • Corsair SSD Toolbox
    • Corsair iCUE
  • sapphires
  • razor
    • Razer Cortex
    • Razer Synapse

Manufacturers’ various system tools serve a wide variety of areas and also address overclocking and undervolting issues, which are still very popular in the community, or read user-relevant data, such as “critical” data for SSDs. and HDDs. ELEGANTvalues.

Which of the manufacturers offers good tools and which bad?

The editors would like to hear from you which manufacturers offer particularly good and rather poor tools for configuring their hardware components and peripherals.

The best tools from the manufacturer.

So, which maker tools have you had the best experiences with?

The worst tools of the manufacturer.

And with which tool manufacturer have you had pretty bad experiences?

Participation is expressly desired

The editors would be very happy to receive well-founded and detailed reasons for their decisions in the comments on the current question on Sunday.

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