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Mobil Tesla Ramaikan Pembaruan PUBG Mobile 1.5

Tesla Cars Enliven PUBG Mobile 1.5 Pembaruan Update Reporter, Fandi Permana

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Player Unknown’s Battleground or PUBG Mobile brought a version update a few days ago.

In PUBG 1.5 release, the globally beloved game features self-driving cars Tesla Model Y that can be mounted on Tesla Gigafactoryand the Tesla Semi.

Tencent Games is always a developer offering gamers a variety of new content, including further collaboration with Tesla.

Tesla’s collaboration with PUBG Mobile makes the game home to Tesla Gigafactory.

Players can virtually explore the facility and build their own Model Y vehicles, according to a report on the Engadget page, on Saturday (10/7/2021).

The Tesla Gigafactory comes to Erangel, one of the most popular maps in the game.

This is a functional factory that can be accessed in the Mission Ignition game mode, players can also flip all the switches in the Gigafactory to activate the vehicle assembly process.

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Additionally, Tencent will consent to players finding other autonomous Tesla vehicles in random location mode.

This vehicle appears to be autonomous on a predetermined route; otherwise the Tesla Semi will be one of these random vehicles and players can damage it to trigger the drop in supply crates.

In Mission mode, Ignition will give Erangel a full tech upgrade.

Not just Tesla Cars, half a dozen key areas will have new elevators, buildings, and other moving platforms.

Additionally, there are also Hyperlines that will allow players to quickly move between cities on the island.

It is also rumored that there is an air transport system that can move through the sky indoors. PUBG Mobile 1.5.

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