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The 25 Best First Person Shooter Games Ever

The 25 Best First Person Shooter Games Ever

16. el dorado 007

Dark perfect may technically be the best game, but if innovation, historical background, and fond memories are ‘X’ deciding factors, then it’s golden 007 absolutely deserves a place on any list of the best FPS games.

A million words have been spelled correctly about this Golden eye made for FPS console games, but I’m not sure if this game can be praised enough for the way it celebrated the unique joy of local multiplayer or the surprising strength of its single-player campaign. Some at that time may have written Golden eye like a minor version of the best FPS games for PC, but the years have favored the purity of that experience.

15. Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Bad company 2multiplayer is chaotic, creative, memorable, addictive and all the other things you associate with Battlefield The series’ legendary multiplayer at its finest. However, what separates this game from the other incredible entries in this franchise is the strength of its single-player campaign.

Bad company 2The loving embrace of destructible environments is perfectly complemented by an often dark sense of humor rarely seen in military shooters. It is no wonder that some Battlefield fans are still chasing the effect they got from playing this game for the first time.

Halo 3 campaign gameplay

14. Halo 3

Halo 2 It was an incredible game that forever changed the landscape of console FPS, but it was also a game plagued with development problems that led to an unforgivable period of crisis, a campaign well below its potential, and notable balance issues. Your good memories of this game are well deserved, but in the end, Halo 3 offers a more complete experience.

Halo 3The incredible multiplayer of is possibly the perfect version of auraLegendary multiplayer and the kind of competitive game that’s easy to miss in an age where there are so few titles trying to do what it did. The campaign of this brilliant sequel also felt like a good start for the series (although it ultimately turned out not to be), while Halo 3Forge Mode has brought the creativity and longevity of the PC mod scene to Xbox 360 gamers around the world. is made up of a young team of editors who are passionate about everything related to Asia in general. Feel free to share our article if you liked it!

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