Just yesterday, Sunday May 1, 2022, the TFT Championship ended and crowned the Chinese player LiLuo as champion of the Gizmos & Gadgets Championship. He beat his compatriot Liuli and of course six other opponents and is currently the best TFT player in the world.

But today we want to look into the future together, because Riot Games has already given us the first details about the next and then seventh Teamfight Tactics game. According to the initial information, this is called Dragonlands and therefore, in all probability, it will also and above all revolve around the theme of dragons.

High tech should now be followed by high fantasy. Exactly what it all looks like remains a secret. What we already know, though, is that the set is meant to be very diverse and set in a different realm, filled with mighty dragons. The properties of these dragons should vary as much as the variety of the entire TFT Dragonlands set promises. Some of them are wild, some are friendly, and some are somewhere in between.

The next set of TFTs will be released with patch 12.11, it should be available on the PBE starting Tuesday, May 24, 2022. There’s even a rough time frame for said date: late afternoon. So this month we will find out how things are going with TFT. Dragonlands is said to mark the first return of an established mechanic in the form of augments, but at the same time it will also come with other innovations and “draconian tricks” that should cause a lot of excitement.