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Migliori giochi per Android in uscita nel 2021

The best Android games to be released in 2021

SmartWorld Team

Many novelties to give prestige to the sector of games for android. As the web continues to debate the features of Galaxy Z Fold 3 or series iPhone 13, the attention of players Instead, Harder is undoubtedly aimed at video game titles coming out in the next few weeks or even the next few days. The list is, to say the least, remarkable, among thick names and projects abundantly anticipated by the indiscretions machine and trailers.

2021 will therefore be an important year for lovers of video games on smartphones and the long list of franchise which has already had the opportunity to beautify the mobile sector, such as the much appreciated League of Legends Wind Rift. In the following lines, therefore, we want to turn our attention to some of the most anticipated Android games that are expected to debut in the course of the year.

The Witcher: Monster Slate

The Witcher: Monster Slate It is developed by Spokko, a software house acquired two years ago by CD Projekt with the aim of relaunching itself in the mobile sector as well. The new Android game, set long before the events that characterized the famous saga, will debut next. July 21 along with the iOS counterpart and can be framed within the category of action RPGs.

It’s a augmented reality video game, replicating the success of Pokemon go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: therefore, the user will have to physically move from one place to another in order to search for and hunt the monsters that lurk in the vicinity, using a gameplay totally based on geolocation. It is a candidate to be one of the best games for Android to be released in 2021, also thanks to the intertwining and overlap between physical and virtual reality.

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Reincarnation of NieR

After making your official entry into Japan, Reincarnation of NieR is a stone’s throw away from debuting on the global mobile scene. The launch is scheduled to Next July 28 and availability is expected simultaneously on Android and iOS. Pre-registrations are already open in both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

The title of the free-to-play genre is developed by Square Enix and will focus on the figures of The Girl of Light and Mama: the former is trapped in a kingdom called The Cage and will be tasked with recovering her memories thanks to the precious help. of the second.

Immortal devil

Immortal devil Without a doubt, it is one of the best Android games to be released in 2021. It has been talked about since the distant 2018 to the point of becoming almost a case on the web. Fortunately, the project seems to have gone ahead despite initial perplexities and is expected to debut. within the year.

Is not a carrying of one of the historical chapters of Diablo for PC or console, but a version specifically designed to make the most of the experience of mobile devices. The game will allow you to choose between six classes (barbarian, monk, wizard, crusader, demon hunter and necromancer), each with a set of at least 12 skills; the plot, on the other hand, is situated in the interlude between the events of Diablo II and those of Diablo III.

Pending the official launch, the release date should be revealed shortly by Blizzard Entertainment, which has already debuted on mobile devices for a few years with the launch of Hearthstone, you can read the our in-depth preview about the long-awaited action RPG title.

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Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite it’s the first game MOBA (acronym for online multiplayer battlefield) dedicated to the popular franchise Japanese. Developed by the Tencent team at Timi Studios, who have previously signed two of the best games, such as PUGB: Mobile me Call of Duty Mobile – Try to give a new look to the little monsters of Satoshi Tajiri, taking advantage of the typical dynamics of the MOBA genre.

Therefore, fans will be able to impersonate him Pokemon and challenge other players in one battle five against five. The game will allow you to choose from a wide list of Pokémon (including Pikachu, Venusaur, Charizard, Snorlax, but there will also be others, most likely unlockable with the progress of the objectives) to form a team with the aim of eliminating the opponents, controlled by the computer or by users connected online.

The game will be available on devices. Android (as well as of course in the animated ones for iOS), but also on the Nintendo Switch consoles, where it will debut at the end of July; the mobile counterpart, on the other hand, is expected to September. The download in Google Play Store and App Store will be free, but the title will include a system based on micro-transactions.

Apex legends

Electonic Arts wants to challenge the best Battle Royal games for smartphones and it is not surprising from this point of view the decision to create a mobile version of Apex legends. Compared to the version available for PC or console, the title can boast precise optimizations to take advantage of the touch interaction of mobile devices.

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A definitive release date is not yet known, also why Apex legends It is still in a testing phase that first involved users from India and the Philippines and, in recent weeks, also those from Indonesia, Peru, Colombia, Egypt and Lebanon.