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The Chiefs-Patriots match has been officially postponed

The Chiefs-Patriots match has been officially postponed

Game between Kansas City Chiefs And New England Patriots Previously, it was set to play at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City at 3:25 pm on Sunday at Arrowhead Time, but has been officially postponed by the NFL. The league says it can play as early as Monday or Tuesday, but that could be moved to a later week.

The official NFL statement is as follows:

The New England-Kansas City match scheduled for Sunday at 4:25 pm will be rescheduled on Monday or Tuesday after both teams test positive for COVID-19. In consultation with infectious disease experts, both clubs work closely with the NFL and NFLPA to assess multiple close contacts, perform additional tests, and monitor development. All decisions are made with the health and safety of players, teams, and Game Day personnel as the primary consideration.

Further reports Suggests that the league plans to play the game on Tuesday..

This happened after each team’s quarterback — the Patriots Starter Cam Newton Chiefs practice team member Jordan Taam — Both were reported positive on Saturday with a COVID-19 test. NewtonThe first positive test of was reported to the team on Friday night.The Patriots said on Saturday they tested the other players they were in contact with NewtonHowever, there were no positive tests.

The league had already rescheduled a game that was set to play this weekend.Game between Tennessee Titans And Pittsburgh Steelers What was set on Sunday afternoon will be replayed in the seventh week after Titans reported an outbreak of COVID within the organization last week.To accommodate this change, the league has previously scheduled a week 7 game. Steelers And Baltimore Ravens Until the 8th week.

The chiefs and Patriots originally planned for a completely different week (10th and 6th weeks, respectively), making it difficult for the NFL to move the game on Sunday to a later week. That is, if it is not played on Tuesday. ..

The match on Tuesday requires special attention, especially when it comes to the chiefs. After playing the Patriots on Tuesday night, the next upcoming match in Kansas City is five days later. Las Vegas Raiders — And they are currently planning to play four days later — Buffalo Bills..

This means that the chiefs will play three games in nine days. You need to wonder if the Patriots’ rescheduling to Domino on Tuesday will be the next three weeks.

There are still many questions to answer. We will deliver the latest information with Arrow Head Pride.