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Wi-Fi Gratis: la connessione libera che batte TIM, Vodafone e Wind TRE

the free connection that beats TIM, Vodafone and Wind TRE

The project that includes the Free WIFI in several Italian towns and cities it continues to bring many innovations. More and more places in the city are joining the initiative, which belongs to the famous project Piazza Wi-Fi Italy.

Even the smallest cities are working hard to guarantee their population a free connection. Especially lately Umbria would have given a decisive acceleration, taking its capital Perugia have many points available to access.

Free Wi-Fi: here comes a new wave of points available for free connection

  • Old Town
    • Porta sole, viewpoint from piazza Rossi Scotti and via delle Prome to via del sole Piazza Danti
    • Piazza Piccinino and the beginning of via Bontempi
    • Via dell’Aquila, outer space Chapel of San Severo – Fresco by Raphael and Perugino
    • Corso Vannucci in its entirety
    • Independence Avenue (Belvedere above Rocca Paolina)
    • Rocca Paolina: departure to piazza Italia, via bagliona, exhibition spaces and events in the weapons room
    • Piazza San Francesco al Prato
    • Viale Indipendenza to the intersection with Via Masi and Via Marzia
    • Corso Cavour in front of the church of Sant’Ercolano
    • Stairs of San Herculano
    • Via Marconi, garden with three arches
    • Pincetto, piazza della Rupe and arrival at the minimetrò escalators
    • Viale Pellini escalators
  • Libraries, places of culture and historical rooms
  • Augusta Library, 3 floors
  • San Matteo degli Armeni Library, 2 floors and garden
  • Sandro Penna San Sisto Library, 2 floors
  • Federici Ripa Library
  • Villa Urbani Library, 2 floors and park of villas open to the public
  • Ponte San Giovanni Library
  • Chapel of San Severo
  • Church of San Bevignate, (under study)
  • Sala San Tommaso, via Pinturicchio
  • Palazzo della Penna Museum 2 floors, bar and internal cloister
  • Palazzo dei Priori atrium
  • Sala della Vaccara, Palazzo dei Priori
  • Sala dei Notari, Palazzo dei Priori
  • Other areas of the city and public transport
    • Monteluce, Monteluce Square and Coppoli Square
    • Piazza Valentino Martinelli San Sisto
    • Pian di Massiano Minimet Station
    • Chico Mendez Minimetrò Station
    • Bus terminal partisans (under construction)
  • Municipal offices open to the public
  • URP historic center of Palazzo Grossi
  • URP San Sisto
  • URP Ponte San Giovanni
  • URP Ponte Felcino
  • Ponte San Giovanni citizenship
  • Ponte Felcino citizenship
  • Citizenship of Campo di Marte
  • Citizenship pian della Genna
  • Castel del Piano citizenship
  • Monteluce Citizenship (in activation)
  • Vigilance Madonna Alta
  • Palazzo della Penna culture offices
  • Civil Protection Offices
  • Parks and sports facilities in the city
  • Santa Giuliana athletics stadium
  • Santa Giuliana Gardens
  • Frontone Gardens
  • Parco Chico Mendez
  • Bellini Ponte San Giovanni Park
  • Parco Cestellini Ponte San Giovanni
  • CVA Ponte San Giovanni (now Vaccine Center)
  • CVA Castel del Piano
  • Ponte Felcino educational forest
  • Ponte Felcino Park in front of the gym
  • Green route: there are 20 access points. Covered areas: basketball courts, velodrome and bar, parking in Carrer Ferro di Cavallo – Santa Lucia, Bocciofila, BMX track, space in front of the pond, skating rink and space in front, rugby area with bar and children’s games, the path to the right and left of the stream
  • Palasport Pian di Massiano (6 access points up to 3000 connections), ticket office and parking in front
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