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Where are the shortcomings of the Steam Deck handheld? -Game Console-cnBeta.COM

It’s not the setup or the software line, but the internal storage space. The $ 399 64GB model looks very attractive, but looking at the product brochure shows that the difference between the different models is not only the capacity, but also the throughput rate. 512GB also has a dedicated anti-glare screen:


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Provide NVMe starting at 256GB (inclusive) SSDBoth the bandwidth and the number of channels are an advantage for the 64GB model, and the NVMe solid state drive is likely to be soldered to the motherboard, and gamers cannot be upgraded with M2 SSDs like laptops.

Yes, all models support TF cards, but the specs are too low (UHS-1), of course it is ok to play with emulators or 4399, but more and more games include SSD as recommended configuration, and those are for the next generation . NVMe 4.0 Optimized works also have clear requirements for disk throughput rate. It is not yet clear whether cheap TF card that only complies with UFS-1 will affect the frame rate and even the game experience (Valve developers stated that they target the TF card when the game is loaded. Lag has done a lot optimization work).

The Tucao Linux system is not required. Valve started growing Linux games a few years ago. Not only were the original works natively compatible with Linux, but they also built a compatibility layer called Proton to try and make the Linux operating system compatible.WindowsGames, only 12% of the top 100 popular games on Steam cannot run, and only 6% of the top 1000 popular games cannot be run:

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Run “GTA 5” in Wine, Proton and Windows 10 environments, and the frame rate comparison is as follows:

Run “Assassin’s Creed: Origins” on Wine, Proton and Windows 10 respectively, and the frame rate comparison is as follows:

Also, gamers can install Windows on Steam portable devices as well, I think a lot of people are planning to do that. Regarding the design of the controller, those who have played with the real phone said: Don’t fight, the design is pretty good now, without any hassle.

Since the Steam handheld is a PC, the digital properties and custom settings that players previously owned on Steam can be seamlessly migrated to the handheld, such as DLC, saved games, and Mod libraries; whereas there will be a dedicated base in the future. , PC Dad’s existing gaming peripherals can also be inherited; In theory, the Steam handheld should be compatible with any USB-C hub, gamersright nowYou can connect a joystick, screen, mouse and keyboard to this mini PC.

For nearly 100 million Steam users, the Steam handheld is the most profitable handheld game console; For Steam Guards, do not buy or kick the group!

Unfortunately, the team is currently only slated for North America and Europe and will ship by the end of the year. To curb storage, each Steam account can only reserve one, and the first 48 hours of the reservation, the golden period is only validQualified Steam accountOpen: what is a qualified Steam account? The Steam account is in the pre-sale area, there is no bad behavior and the game was purchased on the Steam platform before June.

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