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The minimalist puzzle platformer "OCO" arrives on Steam for PC and Mac on August 12, 2021.

The minimalist puzzle platformer “OCO” arrives on Steam for PC and Mac on August 12, 2021.

SPECTRUM48 today announces the minimalist circular puzzle platformer “GAP” It will be released on Steam for Windows PC and Mac on August 12, 2021. OCO was was originally released on mobile platforms in 2019 and also garnered critical acclaim for multiple award nominations, including being a finalist in Google Play’s 2019 Indie Games Showcase, Develop’s grand indie release, and Pocket Gamer’s People’s Choice Award. 2020, as well as being the “Game of the day”. ”On the App Store around the world.

On GAP, puzzle fans will find clever and intuitive puzzles set in a minimalist circular world where a sensitive procedural soundtrack changes depending on how they play the game. The 180 handcrafted levels are beautifully designed and extremely easy to learn and play, however players will need patience, insight, and precision to fully master the game.

GAP features a simple yet powerful level editor and an animated Discord channel where players are constantly submitting new levels. With over 75,000 user-generated levels to try, there is a ton of content for players to try. There are also weekly OLYMPUS contests where the best players from around the world compete to reach the top spots in “Speedrun” and “Endurance”, striving to become THE “God of Olympus”.

“On GAP we wanted to create a minimalist experience that was extremely playable but also cerebral and inspiring ”, said Philip Sinclair, Lead Game Designer for SPECTRUM48. “We have had a great experience on mobile platforms and now we are excited to see how hardcore Steam players interact with the competitive element in terms of rankings and our challenges, we are also excited to see how these new players will interact with the level editor and What kind of levels will they create! “


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Precision platform – Simple one-button controls combined with complex and challenging puzzles create a cerebral yet inherently intuitive and playable experience.

75,000 user generated levels : the community by OCO is active and committed!

180 handcrafted levels – Complete the SPECTRUM48 game arc to become a player OCO Expert .

Editor of levels integrated : Create levels and challenge your friends to complete them.

Procedurally generated soundtrack – The audio and atmosphere change in each level depending on how you play.

Established online community : there is already a thriving community around GAP with a Discord channel, online leaderboards, cross-platform cloud save, and cross-platform multiplayer available.

Olympus mode : Become the “God of Olympus” and gain the power to heal the game in weekly challenges.

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