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മൊബൈൽ ബാറ്ററി ചാർജ് തീർന്നോ ;ഇതാ ഒരു ചെറിയ ട്രിക്ക്

The mobile battery is flat; here’s a hack: best smartphone tricks and tips

It is a common mistake for those who charge their smartphones, sometimes we forget to connect the phone to the charger and turn it on. Or the charger is not really connected. This can be noticed when we look at the phone after a while. Most people make these kinds of mistakes, but now, if we use this trick, we can tell from the sound if the load is increasing or not.

To do this, first open Google Chrome on your smartphone. Then do a search for ൿ. Then do a search for Battery Sound. Then you will find an application called Charging Trick. If you download and install it, you get everything. The voice command will be received.

Note: Download only for third-party app security.

WhatsApp status can be left complete without cutting the video

WhatsApp is now presenting a little trick to our customers. All of us are putting the status of WhatsApp. We can only put the cut if we have a great WhatsApp status. But now with this trick we can put everything without cutting.

To do this, first open Google Chrome on your mobile phone, then search for and then write longer videos on this site You can use the application provided here to complete the status quo.


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