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The most beautiful and romantic phrases for Valentine's Day

The most beautiful and romantic phrases for Valentine’s Day

Lovers have a hard time in lockdown: the romantic picnic or the trip to Paris has to be canceled this year. But surely everyone will be happy with these little greetings with images through WhatsApp.

Sure, you want your loved one Valentine’s Day possibly he was not fooled by a WhatsApp message. But surely there are dear people to whom you want to send at least a small gesture. These cards with pictures, also a little less serious, depending on your taste, are perfect for a little greeting from WhatsApp Or email.

Simply save your favorite image (right click, then “Save Image As”) and save it to your computer. At the end of the article we explain how to save photos directly to your cell phone and then send them via WhatsApp. Have fun!

(Source: Getty Images/Blueastro’s Thinkstock)

    (Source: Getty-Images/Phototocam-Thinkstock) (Source: Getty-Images/Phototocam-Thinkstock)

    (Source: Getty-Images/Thinkstock/Dusko Petrovic) (Source: Getty-Images/Thinkstock/Dusko Petrovic)

    (Source: t-online) (Source: t-online)

    (Credit: Getty-Images/Thinkstock/Jafar Setiawan) (Credit: Getty-Images/Thinkstock/Jafar Setiawan)

    (Credit: Getty-Images/Iryna Nikitina/Thinkstock) (Credit: Getty-Images/Iryna Nikitina/Thinkstock)

    (Source: Getty-Images/realPHOTO-Thinkstock) (Source: Getty-Images/realPHOTO-Thinkstock)

    (Source: Getty Images/Vera Fedorova/Thinkstock) (Source: Getty Images/Vera Fedorova/Thinkstock)

    (Source: Getty-Images/abc17-Thinkstock) (Source: Getty-Images/abc17-Thinkstock)

    (Source: Getty-Images/Sudowoodo-Thinkstock) (Source: Getty-Images/Sudowoodo-Thinkstock)

    (Source: Thinkstock from Getty-Images/tatianazaets) (Source: Thinkstock from Getty-Images/tatianazaets)

    (Source: Getty-Images/DuchesseArt Thinkstock) (Source: Getty-Images/DuchesseArt Thinkstock)

    (Source: Thinkstock from Getty-Images/tatianazaets) (Source: Thinkstock from Getty-Images/tatianazaets)

  • If you want to send the images via WhatsApp from your cell phone, for example, your favorite motif can be emailed to yourself. So you can see the photos in the smartphone Open and then send via WhatsApp.
  • Alternatively, the motifs can also be saved as a screenshot: We explain here how it works.
  • With broadcast lists, you can send the desired reason to multiple WhatsApp contacts at the same time. Is that how it works.
  • In some cases, you can also share the images directly from your smartphone. Whether this is possible depends on the device you are using and how you accessed the article:


If you open this article with the iPhone app, you can press and hold the desired image with your finger. If a menu appears, tap “share” and select a service such as WhatsApp. This is how you can send the photo by WhatsApp. Here you can download the iPhone app from


With an Android device (eg Samsung mobile phone), you can access the website with the browser of your choice. Now press and hold on a photo with one finger.

Click “Image Sharing” in the menu and select a service from the list. Then you can send the photo via WhatsApp or other messenger.