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The most beautiful game room wins a lot of money!

The most beautiful game room wins a lot of money!

DBSDSDSGZ- so could a new show format by MontanaBlack. After Dthe known yestrafficker DGermany yeslaw DI like it yesmore beautiful GRAMlovingZforever! the winners Juicy cash prizes await you.

MontanaBlack Tests New Streaming Formats – Not All Fans Are Enthusiastic

With a cryptically worded tweet, MontanaBlack left last week His Followers sit back and pay attention You must stick to a certain Sunday afternoon Do nothing. Fans were completely taken aback by this vague announcement. wild speculationthan the popular streamer because there is exciting would have to show, shot on the grass. Own e-cigarette brand “Get On My Vape” or a cooperation with autoinfluencer JP Performance was from not a few followers longed for

Like Montana Black then live from a wildlife park flowed and snuggled in a good mood with the raccoons, everyone was stumped at first. East unknown IRL stream was sympathetic from start to finish, but showed many fans sober. The Tenor of the Disappointed: Nice enough, but not nice enough, which would have warranted such a cryptic announcement beforehand. For him Announcing a new stream the streamer apparently took the criticism seriously. montanablack went straight to the point and gave details.

MontanaBlack is looking for the most beautiful gaming room in Germany and promises big cash prizes

Use keep a long story short formulated, MontanaBlack started a tweet extraordinary call. “We are looking for the most beautiful arcade in Germany!” she says. the german serpentine scene to know. under the hashtag #MyMountRoom you could until Sunday, October 30, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. take part. Photos and videos, as well as proof that it is actually your own room acts are mandatory. there is something to gain 750 euros for 1st place, 400 euros for the runner-up and more or less the same 200 euros can wait for 3rd place

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This action must the hearts of many smaller streamers beat faster. Because many gamers who play video games live on Twitch are stuck a lot of money and passion in an attractive environment. And from Kallax Shelves, Nanoleaf LEDs and 3D Sound Absorbing Wall Panels they are not exactly cheap, one or the other could be called cash rewards certainly put to good use.