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What Nikon is doing here is amazing.

What Nikon is doing here is amazing.

Nikon has provided the Z9 with the new 3.0 firmware and has given the camera a major update (once again!).

Numerous improvements for the Nikon Z9

You don’t have to be a fan of Nikon cameras, but the way Nikon has improved the Z9 through firmware updates in recent months deserves some credit, plain and simple. Nikon will already have the Z9 in April 2022 with firmware 2.0 taken to a new level, at that time both the video functions and the photography functions of the camera were significantly improved. Some manufacturers would probably charge money for such extensive upgrades, but Nikon’s 2.0 firmware update was free.

But Nikon (apparently) still wasn’t satisfied with the Z9. And so now they’ve made it better again with a huge firmware update, which will again be free. the Firmware 3.0 gives the Z9 about 20 new features and improves video functions, photo functions, operability and display functions.

high resolution zoom

The first big innovation concerns the video functions, here Nikon implements a digital and continuous zoom mode with the “High Resolution Zoom”, which can be used regardless of the lens. Nikon takes advantage of the camera’s 8.3K oversampling and continually increases the crop factor for high resolution zoom, up to 2x zoom. The good: Even at the maximum zoom level (and thus a comparatively high crop factor), it’s still possible to shoot in 4K thanks to the sensor’s high resolution. For example, the high-resolution zoom can be controlled by the Fn1/Fn2 buttons or the compatible lens ring, which can be adjusted as desired.

Autofocus improvements

The Nikon Z9’s autofocus now works down to -7 EV instead of -6.5 EV, and Nikon has also improved subject tracking. The manufacturer talks about a “reduction in unwanted focus shifting to a foreground obstacle”, and tracking AF for animals is said to have been improved. Also, the focus point in the viewfinder or on the screen can now be displayed in red, which is useful when shooting snowy landscapes, for example.

60 frames per second in DX format

Nikon is also making further improvements to continuous shooting options; In addition to the C30 and C120, the C60 will also be available in the future thanks to firmware update 3.0. This means that 60 frames per second can be photographed in DX format.

More innovations

Other new features of the firmware update include:

  • High frequency video flicker reduction
  • Support for time code synchronization and UltraSync Blue
  • More buttons can be assigned individually (for example, the record button)
  • Vertical display of images and menu
  • Series of images captured with continuous shooting functions can be handled as groups during playback

One can only say: Hats off Nikon!

The new firmware update 3.0 can Download it from the Nikon website here.