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The procession of Roman waste continues in Viterbo, Zingaretti unloads another 2000 tons until August 2

The procession of Roman squander continues in Viterbo, Zingaretti unloads a further 2000 tons until finally August 2

A further 2,040 tons of Roman garbage will arrive in Viterbo until eventually August 2.

Only since July 1, without having searching at the preceding months, setting up in April, the Monterazzano landfill gained 3,000 tons of Capitoline waste until eventually the middle of the thirty day period. Now from July 16 to 25, with a new regional extension, it should get a further 1,400 and an additional 640 from August 26 to 2.

Figures in hand, in common only in the month of July, Rome unloaded its unexpected emergency in Viterbo for a excellent 4,880 tons. Without the need of getting into account all the garbage of the earlier months and that generated by Frosinone and Latina that in any scenario is transferred to the Viterbo reservoir.

The truth that our metropolis have to continue to acquire care of the incapacity of the Capitol and the Area right up until August 2 also speaks volumes about the announced agreements that Pisana had declared would be stipulated as of July 1 with 5 areas for the shipment of squander. Romans.

The knock on the doorway of the prefect of Rome by Mayor Arena and a transversal delegation of politicians from Viterbo had aroused some perplexity.

In simple fact, it was quite hard to picture Piantedosi, who as prefect of the cash has the most important objective of defending the passions of the metropolitan town, could put the recriminations – albeit legit – of Viterbo’s ‘closet’ over the Capitoline emergency.

The fate of the City of the Popes and Monterazzano has previously been traced and the procession of Roman rubbish vehicles will continue till our warehouse is depleted.

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Then, by ceasing to be helpful for the town, Viterbo will return to oblivion in which the Location relegates the small provinces of the empire.