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The smartphone test winner at Stiftung Warentest

The smartphone test winner at Stiftung Warentest

Stiftung Warentest has in the Edition 8/2022 tested a total of 40 newer smartphones. This shows that not a single one can score with the maximum rating “very good”. On the other hand, 33 smartphones work “fine”, seven more are only “satisfactory”.

Stiftung Warentest put smartphones to the test. In addition to the basic functions, camera, screen, handling and battery, the stability of the devices was also evaluated. To do this, the smartphones were subjected to drop tests, scratch tests, folding tests if necessary, as well as rain and immersion tests. The phone is sprayed with one millimeter of water per minute for five minutes. In addition, devices declared by the manufacturer to be waterproof (IPX7 or higher) are subjected to an immersion test according to the specified degree of protection.

The result shows that the vast majority of smartphones can survive a rain without any problem. All 40 models in the test passed the rain test “good” or “very good”.

In the overall rating, water resistance, along with a drop and scratch test as a stability rating, only accounts for 5 percent. The basic features (30 percent), the camera (20 percent), and the screen, handling, and battery (15 percent each) are much more important.