post apocalyptic action adventure To the east was released in September of last year and scored with its carefully crafted graphic style and great atmosphere. To make the game a bit more accessible in Germany, developer Pixpil and publisher Chucklefish have now added a German translation as well.

Now you can also play the game on PC and Nintendo Switch in a localized version and follow the emotional story even better.

Eastbound Trailer:

About the East:

Eastward is set in a near future where society has collapsed and the human population has reached a new low. A toxic presence threatens to engulf the land, destroying everything in its path. Players must escape the tyrannical clutches of the underground society and join the unlikely duo John and Sam on their exciting journey to the overworld. There are beautiful and strange settlements to discover and new friends to make as you travel the country on the train.

More about Eastward:

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