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New game in the popular series leaked!

New game in the popular series leaked!

Apparently, a new “Monster Hunter” is about to be announced. Because the game “Monster Hunter Paradise” has now leaked through Discord!

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Since “Monster Hunter World” at the latest, the action series has been a fixture in the gaming cosmos. The motivating spiral of finding monsters, killing them, and forging new equipment from their individual parts to battle stronger monsters is particularly exciting in multiplayer.


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Now a new part of the main series will probably appear soon. Because Twitter user @neonaga99 had described in a post that has since been deleted that links were found on a Discord program server in the backend through which codes for “Monster Hunter Paradise” could be obtained.

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At the moment the links don’t seem to work, but the rest of the details fit. Playstation, Xbox and PC would be available as platforms, just like in “Monster Hunter World”. Additionally, a major leak from the Capcom company, which owns the franchise, included a “Monster Hunter 6.”

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It will probably be a while before the official announcement is made. Capcom, for example, isn’t at Gamescom, which is actually an ideal venue for such a big announcement.

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