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Tom Clancy's XDefiant PC, what platforms can we play on?  - Breakfast

Tom Clancy’s XDefiant PC, what platforms can we play on? – Breakfast

Tom Clancy’s XDefiant will be available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, but is it the same on PC? Find the answer in this article.

Ubisoft surprised everyone this Monday, July 19, by announcing a new shooter in the world of Tom Clancy’s games.

This title called Tom Clancy’s XDefiant It will be playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4 and PS5 consoles. However, will it also be present in personal computer ? Find the answer below.

Can you play Tom Clancy’s XDefiant on PC?

This new FPS will be playable on PC and in order to discover the game in the preview, the developers will soon offer a beta phase in Europe, although at the moment it is not yet dated.

If you want to participate in PC, you will have to go to the page available at the link below Y click on the platform you want to play on, then on the button ” Register ยป.

>>> Link to participate in the Tom Clancy’s XDefiant beta <<

We remind you that for the moment, we do not have a date for the availability of this beta in Europe. This is also the case with regards to the game’s release date.

What is Tom Clancy’s XDefiant?

Tom Clancy’s XDefiant is a free first person shooter game at the dizzying pace. Combine an intense shooting, custom classes and special factions made up of iconic characters, called the Defiants, who compete for world domination.

Tom Clancy’s XDefiant introduces you as the factions of the Tom Clancy universe and more, each with unique abilities. Add to that an arsenal of primary and secondary weapons, accessories and gadgets to complete your team and take on your enemies in different modes and maps.