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Tomorrow it will be possible to get the new GRIFF brawler for free!

Tomorrow it will be possible to get the new GRIFF brawler for free!

Tomorrow it will be possible to get the new GRIFF brawler for free!

Exactly tomorrow is the day of the arrival of the new Brawl Stars challenge which, if won, will give you preview access to the new Griff brawler Free.

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Who is Griff?

Griff is a new Brawl Stars Epic Brawler that can be obtained in various ways including winning Griff’s challenge, but we’ll talk about it shortly.

Griff is the owner of the Starr Park Souvenir Shop. Business is bad, but he keeps throwing the coins out – from the tip jar of his employees! (Edgar and Colette).

As I said initially, the Griff brawler can be obtained in 3 ways:

  1. 1 week preview by winning Griff’s challenge;
  2. One week after the challenge from the Brawl crates;
  3. One week after the challenge by purchasing it in the Brawl shop.

Sfida su Griff Brawl Stars

Griff’s Challenge Event is coming to Brawl Stars, just win 15 matches to get Griff’s new epic brawler early. There are some tips to respect in order not to lose this challenge immediately and they are:

  • Playing with a team;
  • Read my comp tips and tactics;
  • If you don’t have a team then look with the lens.

What comps and tactics to use in Griff’s challenge?

Tomorrow at 5pm I will go live to play Griff’s challenge in Live and with the other accounts I will be able to play it with you too. I will explain the comps and tactics to use for the challenge and of course if you stay live I will play with you too 🙂

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