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WhatsApp status changes completely with a new feature

WhatsApp status changes completely with a new feature

WhatsApp status feature is very popular. You can quickly and easily tell all your contacts what’s on your mind right now. And precisely because many people use this feature, a new feature will be added to it soon.

WhatsApp: voice messages in status

Till now you can send text, photos, videos and GIFs in WhatsApp status. More will be possible soon. What WABetaInfo discovered in an early test version, soon you will too You can record voice messages for status. So if you want to say something to your contacts, you don’t necessarily have to record a video, you can just send a voice message.

The new feature in WhatsApp was noted by an additional symbol. Instead of just a camera and a pen, the WhatsApp for Android test version suddenly showed a microphone too. You will most likely use it to record something directly, but you can also send voice memos that have already been recorded as a status message. It is not known if there will be a combination of voice and text or GIF. But maybe it would work for looks.

As with all other elements in WhatsApp, this one is also used Voice message for end-to-end encrypted status so that only those you know and trust can access it.

WhatsApp alternatives sometimes have much more:

When will the new WhatsApp feature be available?

As with every new feature that has come up for WhatsApp, it’s not safe. Messenger could start rolling out in the next few days, as was the case of the reactions, or only in months or years. What is clear, however, is that WhatsApp’s new status feature is in development and will be available for all platforms, not just Android. In test versions of Android, innovations are only discovered earlier. As soon as something happens, we will inform you.