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Totally Crazy: Engineer builds and rides a bike with an electric Omniwheel

Totally Crazy: Engineer builds and rides a bike with an electric Omniwheel


Wheels for all sides, also called omnidirectional wheels, can be found on robots. The bungling James Bruton, on the other hand, builds a bike with such a wheel, and riding it requires electronic trickery.

Tinkerer James Bruton has built a strange bike. (Source: YouTube screenshot)

  • If you want to ride a bike, you have to forget everything you have learned so far about riding a bike.
  • Instead of a normal front wheel, an “Omiwheel” is installed, a wheel for all sides.
  • In a video, inventor James Bruton explains the construction and shows how he can turn the wheel on the spot thanks to electronics.

We’ve seen a lot of weird things when it comes to two-wheelers and we even maintain them. a collection of crazy bikes and electric bikes. However, so far we haven’t found an omni wheel on a bike frame (which, unsurprisingly, was contributed by Collin Furze). We’ll make it up to you here!

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In an omniwheel, several rollers or cylinders form another wheel that can move in all directions. Such constructions are often seen robots. But what is the point of all this? bicycle?

The former toy designer has numerous self-balancing robots in his basement that he built himself. This experience also worked to Bruton’s advantage in building the bike seen in the video. Because he uses a similar technique so that he can spin the bike on the spot.

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Crazy e-bikes and bicycles

Crazy e-bikes and bicycles

You can operate the electronics to balance on the spot from a control panel. Some time passes before he can keep his balance. But after a little practice, Bruton can’t just steer his creation in a straight line.

You can even turn on the spot without having to take your feet off the pedals. The trick almost reminds us a bit of that. Mercedes-Benz G-Move.

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