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Uniper does not believe in nuclear elimination: Habeck's state company is building nuclear power plants in Sweden politics

Uniper does not believe in nuclear elimination: Habeck’s state company is building nuclear power plants in Sweden politics

Uniper does not believe in nuclear elimination |

Habeck’s state company builds nuclear power plants in Sweden

The federal government doesn’t even want to order new fuel rods for nuclear power plants in Germany. But of all things, Uniper, soon to be a German state company, is building a new nuclear reactor in Sweden!

In mid-October, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (64, SPD) decided to continue operating three nuclear power plants until April 2023. After that, it should definitely be over, at least in this country.

Barsebäck, a subsidiary of the future German state-owned company Uniper, now wants to build a new reactor in Sweden!

In the “Barsebäck Clean Energy Park” nuclear energy and other electricity will be produced free of fossil fuels. This was announced by Åsa Carlson, CEO of Barsebäck, on the Swedish television channel SVT.

Linnemann: The federal government is acting on both sides

Federal Economy Minister and opponent of the nuclear power plant, Robert Habeck (53, Greens), announced in September that Uniper would be nationalized after the Düsseldorf-based energy company was severely affected by a lack of deliveries of Russian gas.

The Union goes to the barricades! The actions of the federal government are “twofold”, CDU Vice President Carsten Linnemann (45) told BILD.

Andreas Jung (47), energy policy spokesman for the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the Bundestag, also has little understanding of nationalization and its consequences. Jung on BILD: “Shutting down three nuclear power plants in Germany next spring and at the same time getting a new nuclear power plant off the ground in Sweden as owner of Uniper, how is that supposed to fit in?”

The Barsebäck nuclear power plant in southern Sweden has been closed; now a new nuclear reactor will be built


Robert Habeck now has to quickly clear things up: “How does the traffic light reconcile your ideas on energy and climate protection with Uniper’s holdings?”

Swedish Energy Minister Ebba Busch (35), who is part of the new center-right government, is pleased with the plan, as “mugreports: It is extremely gratifying that Uniper has reacted so quickly to the new Swedish government’s invitation to energy companies and is now already planning the construction of a new nuclear power plant in the southern Swedish province of Scania.

Habeck’s Federal Ministry of Economics responded to BILD’s request with tight lips: The announced acquisition of Uniper SE by the federal government is still being implemented. Reports on company decisions would not be commented on.

Green politician Jürgen Trittin (68) recently demanded that Uniper have to sell subsidiaries that operate nuclear power plants. “Uniper is, in essence, a company that focused on the energy supply of the last century: dirty and dangerous,” he told “ daily mirror“.

Uniper is keeping a low profile about the project: inquiries remain unanswered and there is no sign online that a new reactor is being built.

The Clean Energy Park is a “unique platform for the joint development of sustainable energy solutions for the future,” according to the Düsseldorf company’s website.

The Barsebäck site is of national interest to Sweden and is ideal for the fossil-free energy system of the future.