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V Rising: the new patch finally allows offline play

You can finally play V Rising offline for real! Source: Stunlock Studios

V Rising continues to be immensely popular. The action-survival RPG set in a vampire setting from developer and publisher Stunlock Studios has seen success like no other game in 2022. Despite the Early Access status, there’s not much to criticize. But a justified point of criticism from the start has been that, despite promises to the contrary, an offline game was not possible. Previously, you had to have a stable internet connection to play V Rising. Even in private games.

In relation to this, there have been many comments from players who blame precisely that. Stunlock Studios is now reacting with Hotfix 0.5.41448, which, among other things, attacks and eliminates exactly this problem. There is now a LAN mode in the game that you can activate in the main menu to enable offline play. V Rising players can also access these games offline on the same LAN network as you. LAN Mode will be further enhanced through Early Access development, but is now available immediately.

More bugs fixed

Beyond what is arguably the biggest change, the developers at Stunlock Studios are also addressing a number of other issues that previously existed in V Rising as part of today’s hotfix. For example, the coveted Soul Shards can no longer be placed in containers. There they caused technical problems on the one hand, but also often hid in secure containers during attacks on PvP servers.

Also, cloaks no longer return their full material cost when salvaged, so you can’t even get material gains from crafting and salvaging them using the appropriate Tailor Floors. Also, it is now no longer possible to send servants on multiple quests at the same time by placing multiple thrones. Additionally, castle corridors will no longer detach from the heart of the castle if two players remove connecting items at the same time.

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Under certain circumstances, it was also previously possible to equip two weapons at the same time and receive multiple bonuses. This mechanism has now also been terminated.

Additionally, Steam Cloud can now store V Rising server history and individual official servers have been given icons to make them easier to identify. All patch notes for V Rising can be found in detail here to read.