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VMware Fusion 22H2: Windows and Linux on macOS on Intel Core and Apple Silicon


Image: VMware / Editing: Sven Bauduin

VMware Fusion virtualization software, which can be seen as a counterpart for macOS to VMware for Windows, from the American company of the same name. vmware it has now been released in the latest version 22H2 as a Tech Preview. This means that the virtual systems run on Windows-based macOS and Linux on Intel Core and Apple Silicon.

Like the developers of the VMware Fusion Blog have announced, the technical preview of the upcoming VMware Fusion 22H2 is available on the official website for everyone to download and try.

Linux 5.19 with 3D graphics acceleration

The following innovations and optimizations are offered which, among other things, should also improve the operation of Windows 11 and Linux support on the M1 processor. For the first time there are accelerated 3D graphics and OpenGL in version 4.3 for virtual machines with Linux operating system.

This requires the latest Linux 5.19 OS kernel and the powerful free 3D graphics stack. 3D table in version 22.1.3.

  • Windows 11 on Intel and Apple Silicon with 2D GFX and networking
  • Installing VMtools for Windows 11 GOS on M1
  • Improved Linux support on M1
  • HW acceleration of 3D graphics and OpenGL 4.3 on Linux virtual machines
    • require Linux 5.19+ & Mesa 22.1.3+
  • Virtual TPM Device
  • fast encryption
  • universal binary

VMware Fusion 22H2 Technical Preview

Windows 11 on x86 and Arm64

The Universal Setup routine is designed natively for x86 and Arm64 or Apple Silicon and also supports security measures taken by Microsoft for Windows 11, such as TPM 2.0 and vTPM, as well as Secure Boot.

VMware Fusion virtualizes Windows 11 on macOS on x86 and Arm64
VMware Fusion virtualizes Windows 11 on macOS on x86 and Arm64 (Image: VMware)

Security enclave for more performance

So-called “Fast Encryption”, in which only a dedicated security enclave is encrypted instead of the entire system, is aimed at significantly speeding up virtual machines in VMware Fusion 22H2.

With the new “fast encryption” mode, only the most critical portions of the virtual machine’s local storage space are encrypted, dramatically improving the overall performance of the virtual machine but providing a secure enclave for sensitive data, such as a device TPM.


Fusion and workstation are ready

In addition to the VMware Fusion 22H2 Tech Preview, VMware Workstation 22H2 for Windows and Linux has also been released, which supports Windows 11 virtual machines for the first time. Here, too, support for TPM and vTPM, as well as OpenGL 4.3 are part of the feature set.

VMware Fusion 22H2
VMware Fusion 22H2 (Image: VMware)

The officer provides more information place by VMware.

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